Microsoft Azure (AZ-104): Virtual Machine Scale Set and Availability Set

  1. Search for “Load Balancer” → Configure public IP address for load balancer’s front end.
  2. Search for “Scale Set” → Select “Virtual Machine Scale Sets” → Choose to deploy “Windows Server Image” or “Linux Image” → Leave the default for “Instance and Disks” pages.
  3. On the “Networking” page, under “Load Balancing”, select “Yes” to put scale set instances behind a load balancer.
  4. In “Load balancing” options, select the “Azure load balancer” that you have created earlier.
  • Do remember that, Availability Sets can’t protect virtual machines from a data center level failure. To mitigate data center level failure, we need to deploy the VMs across different availability zones.
  • To ensure that we have a guaranteed SLA of 99.5% uptime, we should use a combination of Managed Disks and Availability Sets. Managed Disks isolate each disk by placing the disks in different storage fault domains.
  • Ideally, we should create availability sets based on the number of tiers we have for our applications.



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